Stress linearization

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Stress linearization extension is a very helpful tool to automatically generate paths in the normal direction to the surface and to assess the stress distribution in the structure along the path.


One of the most chlenging and time-consuming operations during stress analysis is to correctly guide the paths where the stresses will be analysed. It does not matter whether we analyze pressure vessels, turbine blades or other structures. Each of the paths should be led in a normal direction to the surface from which the path comes out.
Thanks to the advanced algorithm built into the extension we have the possibility to automatically generate the paths in the normal direction by defining only one point. The algorithm determines the normal direction by itself and looks for an intersection on the other side of the geometry, drawing the path to the existing grid.
We have equipped the extension with the ability to block a given direction in the process of determining the normal direction, which gives us greater ability to control the paths and set them as necessary in the project.
It does not matter how many points (paths) will be analyzed. The extension allows any selection of a group of points to be analyzed.


  • automatic creation of paths in the normal direction based on one point;
  • automatic intersection point search;
  • advanced normal and intersection point search algorithm on the other side of the geometry;
  • possibility of blocking a given direction in a normal search;
  • automatic evaluation of results along the path;
  • tabular presentation of the results for each path;
  • possibility to adapt the extension to the user’s needs by adding criteria and limits for given stresses (option for additional order);
  • clear and easy to use user interface;
  • full integrity with Ansys Workbench environment;


Manual adjustment of paths in the normal direction to the surface is time consuming and problematic. If it is necessary to generate a large number of paths, the Stress Linearization extension allows you to significantly reduce the time needed to evaluate the results while increasing the precision of the results.
By matching the analysis of the results with automatic comparison with the specified limits we will get a standardized process of parts validation.

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2019 R3

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Static structure

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