15years of experience

with numerous clients

original extensions for Ansys WB
developed Ansys ACT repositories and libraries
completed FEM & CFD projects
carried out analyses in the last two years

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Highly specialistic services strictly tailored
to the needs of YOUR industry.

Turbomachinery Industry

We offer complex computing solutions for turbomachine industry. Our engineering services include optimisation of all stages of a given project, from analysis through design, production support, tests, research and development.
Przemysł Turbomaszynowy

Shipbuilding and offshore

For the maritime vessel certification to be as quick as possible, we offer automation of necessary computing processes. It is a real answer to real life needs submitted by our clients.
Przemysł Stoczniowy i Offshore

Automotive Industry

This highly dynamic sector of modern economy requires immediate, accurate and repetitive predictions regarding designed sub-assemblies for vehicles of different type and purpose. They are our strong suit!
Przemysł automotive

Railway Industry

We design and optimise both specific sub-assemblies and whole vehicles used in broadly defined railway system. We research and improve processes related to the comfort of passengers who choose this means of transport.
Przemysł Kolejowy

We accept many challenges whose effects allow the development of your product.

General Engineering Solutions team comprises creative engineers for whom calculating and programming is not only a job, but also a passion.