Sectional evaluator

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Sectional Evaluator is an advanced tool for automatic evaluation of results in structural sections. It enables efficient and fast evaluation of structures in terms of strength in an unlimited number of cross-sections. The tool analyzes both stresses and deformations as well as displacements and temperatures.  This solution has been developed for the turbomachinery industry, however, by adding support for the Cartesian system it can be used in almost any industry, significantly accelerating the design process.



The cross-sectional stress/strain/displacement/temperature assessment gives us a first indication of the quality of the component design. For this reason, GES has developed a tool that can be used to quickly and automatically assess structural sections.

The Ansys Sectional Evaluator is advanced extension which provides quick and precise information on the distribution of cross-sectional results over the entire length of the component and a feeling of strength. With our solution, the user can freely define the number of sections, ranges and intervals to be assessed. User can choose any type of available results: all types of stress/deform, temperature, etc. as well as the precision of average results calculation.
The tool has implemented automatic recognition of the minimum and maximum coordinate of the axis by which a given component will be analyzed.

The first version of the tool was dedicated to the turbine industry to evaluate rotating machinecomponents. In response to the growing needs of other industries, our team has expanded the tool to support Cartesian coordinate systems. Now, this extension can be used for analysis of almost every component.

Sectional Evauator gives the possibility to easily compare stresses in sections with material properties which can be entered manually or downloaded directly from Engineering Data (if available). This gives the possibility of plotting information on the degree of material utilization, also as a function of temperature.
The whole process is carried out directly from the Ansys Workbench menu through a user-friendly graphic interface, where the results are presented.

The biggest advantage of this tool is cost and time savings. Comprehensive results are available within minutes, even if multiple sections are analyzed.
The latest version of the Sectional evaluator has been equipped with an optimized results evaluation algorithm to reduce the waiting time for results as much as possible and with a new charting algorithm that allows for smooth operation even with large amounts of data.

Important: If we have omitted an important function or result parameter for you, please write to us and we will certainly add it in the new version.


  • significant reduction of time needed to evaluate the results
  • standardization of the process
  • elimination of errors resulting from repetitive activities
  • increase the precision of the results by allowing the analysis of an unlimited number of sections
  • recognition of the min and max positions of the analyzed part;
  • determining the default divisions of the analyzed part;
  • cooperation with Ansys Engineering Data to download material data of the analyzed part;
  • automatic determination of Degree of Utilization for each section.
  • optimized algorithm for working with large amounts of data
  • can be adapted to the individual needs of each user
  • there is no need to use any other exterior tool such i.e. Excell;
  • easy-to-use extension;
  • works perfectly in transient analyses;


  • optimized algorithm for working with large amounts of data
  • support for all types of coordinate systems
  • automatic downloading of material data
  • new graphical interface
  • improved graphs display library


Sectional evaluator significantly accelerates the evaluation of parts and, most importantly, increases the accuracy and precision of the results. Thanks to this solution, the precision of component evaluation has been increased to a level unreachable for manual or semi-automatic analysis.
Implemented solutions eliminate the possibility of making a mistake and give less experienced users the opportunity to quickly evaluate the results.

Check our solutions and tell us if we were able to speed up your process.

Ansys Release

2019 R3

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Analysis type

3D Static structural, Thermal

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