Ansys Customization

ANSYS Workbench tailored to your specific needs.

We enable automatization and integration of organizations’ internal processes into the Ansys Workbench environment.

ANSYS Workbench is a well-known and recognized software intended for numerical analyses and offering unlimited possibilities. However, as a universal tool, it is not adapted to individual needs of the client or industry sector. The GES team has set itself the goal of changing the current operating mode in the Ansys environment. From the very beginning, our idea was to completely revolutionize the process of preparing models, calculations and treatment of results. We want our solutions to make engineers’ work faster and more efficient and, above all, adapted to the individual needs of companies. We offer our clients a unique service that will enable them to adapt their work environment to their needs, which in turn will significantly shorten the time spent on analyses and decision making.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to automatize and optimize almost every function and process in the ANSYS Workbench environment. Furthermore, we have a set of ready-to-use tools fully integrated with Ansys Workbench which provide unlimited possibilities to optimize analytical processes – mainly in the turbo-machinery industry. Our proprietary tool set includes more than 18 tools supporting engineers in their daily work. Each of them has been validated and is used on a daily basis by leading turbine manufacturers.

Personalization of Ansys Workbench environment increases work efficiency.

Faster analysis up to:
Cost reduction by:
Error elimination by:

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The benefits of Ansys Workbench personalization

Process automation

Thanks to the use of the algorithms we developed, repetitive work can be streamlined and systematized without the risk of generating errors.

Process standardization

By implementing ready-made solutions, you can rest assured that your team's work will be uniform while ensuring the highest attention to quality.

Time reduction

We guarantee a significant reduction of the time required to perform the calculation procedure which in turn results in faster decision-making.

Elimination of errors

By automatizing processes, we eliminate the risk of errors at every stage of the calculation process. Integration of procedures into the Ansys environment ensures that every engineer will evaluate the results and make decisions in a clearly specified manner.

Real savings

Thanks to the use of process automatization in Ansys Workbench, the engineer's working time and decision-making processes are shortened and thus, the final product is achieved faster.

Reduction of resources

Automatization of the calculation processes offered by GES enables performing the same range of activities by using a smaller team and a reduced license demand by optimizing their use and engaging complex algorithms in decision-making.

Would you like to check whether we are ready to automatize your analysis process?

Our specialists will work with you to analyze the current calculation methods in your organization, and will help you identify the most suitable method of optimizing your environment, adapted to your individual needs.

Ansys Workbench can be personalized
to your unique way of working.


Integrated menu

Our solutions are fully integrated with the Ansys Workbench environment through a dedicated menu offering its users-full flexibility.

Analysis processes

With our solutions, your internal calculation and decision-making processes will be integrated into the Ansys environment so that your engineers can work more uniformly and swiftly, at the same time eliminating the risk of errors.

All types of analysis

Thanks to many years of experience in conducting numerical analyses, we can undertake to automatize any process regardless of the challenge.


The data entrusted to us is handled with utmost care; a separate space is created on our servers for each client.

Automatic reports

We strive to ensure that each of our tools is equipped with an automatic report generation system to relieve the engineer from monotonous work.

Technical support

We guarantee continuous technical support at the highest world level.