Ship components

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Ship components is an advanced extension suited for shipbuilding needs that allows you to automatically search and group main ship components such as decks, frames etc. based on the FEM model. These components will be added to Ansys Workbench tree for later use.


The Ship Components extension was created for the shipbuilding industry to automatically search and create the main ship components. The algorithm works on the basis of a numerical model rather than a geometric one and can create components such as deck, frames etc. No matter how they are placed in the ship’s space. This functionality allows you to quickly and simply create elemental components even if there is no CAD geometric model associated with the model.

Important: In the extension two approaches to component search have been implemented. The free version allows you to create components according to fixed frame or deck distance. The paid version allows you to create components regardless of the distance between them (distance can be constant or variable). The algorithm analyzes the location of all the components and groups them in an appropriate way to finally place them in the Ansys Workbech tree with appropriate prefixes.


  • automatically recognizes ship’s elements arranged in three main directions;
  • works on a numerical model;
  • creates major component groups and places them in Ansys Workbench tree for later use;
  • easy to adapt to customer requirements;
  • intuitive user interface;
  • no need to know APDL;
  • full integration with Ansys Workbench environment;


Automatic recognition and generation of the ship’s main components significantly accelerates and streamlines the process of building the calculation model. Thanks to this solution we can be sure that the process of component grouping will run quickly and efficiently without having to go through the advanced APDL code.

Ansys Release

2019 R3

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Analysis type

Static structural, Thermal

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The price quoted relates to the annual licence.