Fluid pressure

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Fluid pressure expansion is a powerful tool for capturing the penetrating pressure of an opening contact connection (for example bolted flanges) under the working loads.


Fluid pressure extension is a very intuitive tool that dynamically updates contact behavior and makes it more realistic. All flange connections are exposed to working pressure which, by penetrating the flange, can increase the forces acting on the bolted connections or change the contact status under the influence of additional forces from the working pressure that penetrates the connection.
In extreme situations, the penetrating contact pressure can open the contact and cause leaks. The proposed solution analyses the status of the contact during the calculation and if the contact starts to open, the penetrating pressure is applied. This process is repeated until the algorithm finds balance and the contact status remains unchanged.
Accurate representation of the contact is very important when designing all flange connections where their tightness plays a key role (Expander flanges, pipelines, pressure vessels etc.).
Ansys Workbench in its latest version does not have the functionality described above without the Fluid pressure extension.



  • possibility to apply penetrating pressure as a function of contact status;
  • better representation of contact forces at leakage points;
  • advanced analyses can be performed by less experienced engineers;
  • knowledge of APDL is not required;
  • simple user interface;


Fluid penetration  extension is an easy to use tool available directly from Workbench tree. It’s easy to deal with and verified on many industrial cases. The main reason for purchasing this extension should be time saving and simplicity of use. With this extension, the working pressure on the contact has been streamlined and implemented directly into Ansys Workbench.

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2019 R3

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Static structural

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