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Pre-solver checker is an extension that checks the correctness of the model and applied loads immediately before starting the calculation. It eliminates the need to repeat the process due to typical errors.


Pre-Solver Checker is a very useful ACT extension that helps to detect typical errors in the FE models before running time-consuming calculations.
When preparing a numerical model it is possible to make typical errors that cause convergence problems or get incorrect results. One of the most common errors is associated with importing loads where not all parts of the geometry are selected for the load. This results in incorrect results and the need to recalculate the model.

Our solution allows to catch such errors and speed up the process of evaluating the results. At the moment the Pre-Solver Checker is equipped with a possibility to:

  • check the duplicate ID numbers of coordinate systems;
  • whether all the bodies in the model have applied loads using the import loads function such as: temperature, pressure, etc.;
  • checking the mesh Jacobian factor.

This extension can work automatically just before each calculation is started.

Important: The range of parameters that can be checked is very wide and depends on the specifics of the analysis. It is possible to customize the extension to your individual needs so that the settings relevant to the analysis group are checked.

In order to adjust the extension to your needs, please contact our team.


  • the possibility to eliminate errors in the model before it is started;
  • possibility to customize the extension to your individual needs;
  • possibility of automatic start-up before each analysis;
  • user-friendly interface;


Pre-Solver Checker gives you the ability to significantly accelerate the decision-making process by eliminating potential errors in the models. This solution eliminates the need to repeat time-consuming analyses. This extension brings the greatest savings when working with large models with long calculation times.

Ansys Release

2019 R3

Target application


Analysis type

Static structural, Thermal, Modal, and many more

Licence type


Period of paid licence

The price quoted relates to the annual licence.



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Original price was: 150,00 €.Current price is: 75,00 €.