Contact monitor

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Contact monitor is an extension which allows for real-time monitoring of the *.cnd contact status file and easy model debuging..


Contact monitor extension is designed to improve the analysis of complex computational models in which contact phenomena play an important role. Behaviour of contacts in such analyses and monitoring of their behaviour improves convergence as well as gives the possibility to quickly assess and analyse the regions causing the problem.

Thanks to extension we can monitor in real time contact parameters on the basis of generated cnd file and check which contact causes problems on the basis of chattering parameter. We have the ability to monitor all contacts, selected group and limit the choice of contacts depending on the level of chattering.
The extension gives an easy possibility to check where a contact is in the model by directly indicating it in Ansys WB tree.


  • real-time graphical contact monitoring based on the chattering parameter
  • easy contact location through a direct link to the Ansys tree
  • possibility to set monitoring parameters manually
  • no need to analyse the cnd file structure. Even an inexperienced user will be able to diagnose a convergence problem with a complex model.
  • no need to analyse the contact ID
  • graphical user interface
  • significantly shortening the time of model analysis


Real-time monitoring of contact behaviour gives an overall picture of model convergence without any additional action. This is very beneficial even for an experienced user. The approach offered by GES is much easier and faster than the classic one offered by Ansys, where the user is forced to analyze the cnd file. The extension allows for a significant reduction of the time needed to define a problematic region and speeds up convergence in complex models.

Ansys Release

2019 R3

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Static structural

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