Ansys Automatization Tool Package (ATP)

It has been General Engineering Solutions team's goal to change the current system of work in the Ansys Workbench environment. It has been our idea since the beginning to revolutionize pre and post-processing. Our solution meant to allow faster and more efficient work with the software.
We have created the biggest tool directly integrated with the Ansys Workbench environment, which is being used by well experienced engineers, as well as by professionals with shorter record of work and knowledge.
The software is written mainly in C#, however, it employs elements of ADPL and Python, AI algorithms and those used in video games, as well as uses GPU graphic cards capabilities.

What is the purpose of Ansys ATP?

  • Increase of pace and efficiency of work for engineering teams.
  • Fast and efficient execution of complicated analyses due to homogenous methods of result assessment.
  • Lower risk of error occurrence.
  • Automatization of repetitive activities.
  • Generation of real savings up to 30%.
  • In the future - possibility of connection of Ansys ATP with owned material base.

How does ATP software generate savings?

  • Possibility of running a bigger number of effective analyses at the same time.
  • Considerable increase of speed in decision-making processes.
  • Efficient elimination of typical errors.
  • Possibility of reducing the size of an engineering team through automatization of repetitive activities and processes.
  • Lower number of active Ansys licences needed for efficient work.

Main functionalities of Ansys ATP

  • Correction and elimination of pre-processing errors through automatized implementing of complicated loads onto analysed components such as thermal barrier coating, table array with graphic visualization of the table on geometry, compressive support.
  • Possibility of monitoring contacts during analysis, as well as instant selection of the ones indicating integration problems.
  • Verification of model accuracy before execution of complicated and long-lasting analyses.
  • Automatized component analysis based on ASME Pressure Vessel Code.
  • Automatic analysis of blades (including automatized creation of Campbell and Goodman diagram directly in Ansys WB environment).
  • Component analysis on global cross sections.
  • Automatic analysis execution based on stress linearization along with automatic search for points of intersection in regular direction for selected surface.

Who is this solution for?

Ansys Automatization Tool Package (ATP) offered by General Engineering Solutions may be adapted for the needs of every client operating in the industry. Due to in-depth analysis of procedures, methods and processes used in client's company, we are able to adjust and develop the current functionality range in order to effectively shorten the time preceding parts' release to production.