Grand opening - Wastewater treatment plant in Stajków

On October 19, 2018 in Stajków, Commune of Lubasz, the grand opening of a modern wastewater treatment plant was held. Our company contributed to creating a facility which largely improves the quality of life of the local community by supporting the development of tanks’ design.

After the inauguration, a panel discussion dedicated to innovation and current trends was held and followed by a formal dinner attended by the industry leading representatives and local government authorities.

It was yet another occasion for General Engineering Solutions to present their custom-made solutions to a larger audience. “Our company’s participation in this event constitutes the next big step in our long-term strategy to intensify innovative solutions and create new perspectives in the domestic market”, the Founder and the Owner of the company, Paweł Kapelańczyk said.

It was also a great opportunity to conduct face-to-face talks aiming at determining the real needs of potential business partners. By their active participation, GES confirms their aim to constantly reinforce their position as a provider of services regarding strength calculations and widely understood optimisation of structures. General Engineering Solutions was responsible for conducting strength analyses and optimisation of structures in terms of durability for Invest-Tech Sp. z o. o. (Ltd) company. The main criterion was mass reduction that translates into investment cost. To achieve that, a team of GES engineers built a global shell model in Ansys Workbench environment. The tank has a shell structure supported by controllers braced with metal rods. For this reason, it was crucial to use non-linear geometrical model ensuring the proper representation of various processes taking place inside the construction.

Invest-Tech Sp. z o. o (Ltd.) was the provider as well as the manufacturer of the tanks/reactors which were made of stainless steel of duplex type.

The investment accounted for PLN 10.750.000,00 nett. The process of biological wastewater treatment is conducted in two Continuous Fill Sequencing Batch Reactors (CF-SBR) with periodically variable function with an option of chemical support (so-called simultaneous purification) with overall efficiency of 800 m3/d.

GES would like to thank Marcin Stanik for his trust and successful cooperation in this pro-ecological project, as well as to congratulate on successful construction of such a modern facility. We hope to maintain the relationship and we look forward to cooperating in creating future creative and innovative technologies.