24h Trouble Shooting

To meet the needs of our Customers, at the beginning of 2014, General Engineering Solutions developed a dedicated Program entitled, "24h Trouble Shooting" which is aimed at those who need immediate service assistance. The idea behind the Program is to help in resolving any given problem by making services available 24 hours a day to analyze the problem and provide the Customer with full analysis of the information available.

Under this Program, the company offers two options for cooperation/assistance:

  • the occasional analysis of service problems,
  • the signing of an agreement for constant cooperation/assistance in crisis situations.

The second option provides the possibility of a flexible request for assistance by the Customers without the need to sign confidentiality agreements in each case, and thus communication will be accelerated and improved.

"On many occasions a device failure will incur large financial losses to a company, much of which arise from the downtime of the device. Both the resources and internal procedures of companies often make continuous operation impossible. The support we offer through the Program aims not only at solving the current design problems, but it will also "significantly affect the market position of our Customers" said Paweł Kapelańczyk, the owner of General Engineering Solutions.

Thinking about Customer satisfaction, GES constructively strives to assist at the highest level in providing solutions at an optimum pace. "We set ourselves goals that are consistently achieved & implemented. Our team is fully prepared to work 24 hours a day to meet your expectations. In our opinion, the Program we have designed and built is the most effective support tool available, that will strengthen the position of our Customers and Business Partners. We are sure that our offer will meet with your approval", said Paweł Kapelańczyk.