CFD fluid-flow analysis

We have considerable experience of CFD analysis. This allows us to offer our customers comprehensive services in this field. We have the experience, expertise and means to conduct analyses in the following areas:

  • flow in structures: resistance coefficient calculation, determination of fluid structure interaction (FSI),
  • flow in rotary machines: pumps, compressors and turbines,
  • flow with transport of agents: fluid-mixing issues,
  • multiphase flow: evaporation, condensation and smoke propagation in buildings,
  • flow with reactions: combustion processes,
  • flow with conjugated heat transfer: cooling, exchange and transfer of heat between fluid and structure.

Depending on the customer's requirements regarding analysis precision and the time frame for their projects, we select the most suitable analysis model. In steady-state and transient state analyses, we use the following turbulence models:

  • Realizable k-epsilon,
  • Reynolds stress model (RSM), and
  • Large Eddy Simulation (LES).

In the case of very large computational models, we are assisted by TASK, computation centre, which has a multi-processor computer cluster.