CAE strength analysis

One of our main areas of business is conducting strength analyses of rotary machines as well as static and dynamic analyses of mechanical structures in the broad sense (i.e. fans, pumps, containers, lifting devices and daily use equipment).

Our team of engineers, with experience of working in the power engineering and motoring industries and in the field of materials engineering, are able to respond to our customers requirements for CAE numerical analysis in a comprehensive manner.

Our services include:

  • static and dynamic analysis,
  • fatigue analysis and optimisation,
  • thermal analysis of machines in steady and transient states,
  • impact of thermal stresses on structures,
  • advanced non-linear issues, such as: creep, plasticity or contact,
  • harmonic response analysis, and
  • modal analysis.

We specialise in the following:

  • Gas turbines in power engineering, power transmission and aviation,
    • strength analyses of gas turbine components (steady-state analysis and transient analysis),
    • thermal analyses in steady states and transient states,
    • impact of thermal stresses on structures,
    • analysis of thermal and mechanical strain (clearance analysis),
    • optimisation of structures in terms of stress reduction,
    • optimisation of materials used in structures,
    • analysis of screw connections to ensure correct connections (elimination of leakage), and
    • modal analysis - setting typical forms of strain and defining critical points (Campbell diagram).
  • Combustion chamber analyses:
    • strength analyses for steady and transient states,
    • optimisation of structures,
    • selection of materials, and
    • verifying the correctness of screw connections.
  • Ventilation:
    • strength analyses of axial fans and centrifugal fans,
    • optimisation of the shape and type of materials,
    • analysis of screw connections,
    • vibration analysis,
  • the consumer sector: daily use equipment in the broad sense, and
  • the machinery and motoring industries.