Our range

General Engineering Solutions (GES) delivers a broad spectrum of engineering solutions based on numeral analyses (CAE) as well as kinematic and dynamic analyses (MBS/MSS). Our areas of expertise include: strength analysis, fatigue analysis, thermal analysis, plastic strain-related issues, acoustics, and optimisation of structures in terms of strength and function.

In our daily work, we make use of the latest analysis and design methods, such as CAE, CFD and CAD, and the benefits of reverse engineering (3D scanning or rapid prototyping). We also use advanced CAE analysis software: Ansys, Abaqus, Adams, HyperMesh, as well as CAD software: NX, SolidEdge, Catia, AutoCad, plus software for rendering cloud points created by 3D scanners.

We specialise in numerical analyses of fluids and gases (CFD). Our engineers have considerable experience in gas turbine combustion chamber flow analysis, for both industrial and aviation applications. In our fluid mechanics-related projects, we work with scientific institutions in and outside Poland. We have regular contact with the Department of Rotary Machines and Fluid Mechanics, Gdańsk University of Technology.

In addition, we provide design services for the consumer sector in the broad sense. Our designs reflect the latest trends in the design industry and ensure that the structures we design are the optimal solutions in terms of function and economy. This is achieved by using the right materials and defining the right parameters of each structure.

Our services also include documentation digitalising and 3D scanning. We offer our customers an opportunity to easily switch from technical documentation in paper form to electronic versions and to produce documentation and models using their existing equipment. Our company supports academic institutions, archaeological centres and museums by taking their valuable exhibits from the real world to the virtual world. Using 3D scanners, we can make exact copies of exhibits with very high precision so that such copies can be used to reconstruct the exhibits in the future.