Ship and offshore industry

We have considerable experience of performing analyses for the shipbuilding and offshore industries using the finite element method, in accordance with the requirements of classification associations. We are prepared to perform comprehensive strength analyses for structures, including:

  • ultimate strength analysis
  • determination of environmental stresses for specified water reservoirs
  • strength analysis for ship hulls
  • strength analysis for offshore structures
  • strength analysis for helipads
  • acoustic analyses for hull areas
  • analysis of crane supports and foundations
  • hull docking analysis
  • buckling analysis
  • (low- and high-cycle) fatigue strength analyses
  • fundamental and forced vibration analyses.

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By working with our Customers, we design new, modify existing and repair watercraft. In our solutions, we suggest design changes to improve strength levels and facilitate the process of obtaining approval of the watercraft documentation from the classification associations.

General Engineering Solutions perform strength analyses for different types of vessels:

  • motor yacht
  • car carrier 
  • AHTS vessel 
  • passenger vessel
  • Ro- Ro vessel
  • gas carrier
  • tanker
  • oil ocean barge
  • bulk carrier
  • jack UP
  • FPSO
  • multipurpose offshore vessel
  • container vessel
  • heavy lift vessel
  • motor yacht
  • oil ocean barge

For detailed information regarding the scope of our services, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.