Railway industry

GES performs strength analyses for the broadly defined railway industry, in the design of both passenger and freight trains. We offer analyses of entire vehicles or selected assemblies, e.g. couplings, plough blades and equipment fasteners.
We offer HVAC analysis of carriage interiors for passenger comfort. Examples of these include galley air conditioning vent locations and minimizing peak temperatures within the passenger seating areas. Our CFD modeling capabilities ensure that sensitive equipment such as switch inverters under the carriage are properly ventilated and do not trip in adverse environments such as standing trains in tunnels or underground stations.

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Our range of strength analyses includes:

  • short-term strength analyses accordingto European Standards
  • fatigue strength analyses
  • fundamental vibration analyses
  • buckling analysis
  • optimization of structures in terms of stress reduction
  • topological and topographical optimisation of structures

As part of our services for the railway industry, our personnel are able to make modifications to rail structures to improve short-term and fatigue strength levels. The proposed modifications allow for designing structures for stationary strength tests, with the possibility to reduce the weight of the tested structure (while maintaining the required strength level) for reducing production costs.

For detailed information regarding the scope of our services, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.